About Our Business

Bozberry Farms was created in March 2007, when a larger farm was divided and 54
acres of property was purchased to establish the new farm. Acquired with the
property were 13,000 high bush blueberry plants that sit upon 20 or so acres of the

Thirty years ago, give or take a few, the bushes were planted upon the hillside
overlooking Rock Run Road in Turtlepoint, Pa.  From the top of the fields, where a
sitting/picnic area can be found, one can experience a view  of the valley.

Since ownership, Bruce and Brenda Bosworth, along with family and friends have
worked hard at improving access to the blueberry bushes. Pruning started in the
spring of 07 and with the guidance of specialist from Penn State, three row or
approximately 315 bushes were trimmed (pic 2) at the base because of the severe
overgrowth,  In picture 3 you can see where the bushes are turned into mulch. Since
that first spring, each year another 3 rows of blueberries are pruned tot the base
allowing for healthy new growth.

Berries are now being harvested from the new bushes that were trimmed to the base
in 2007.

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About Us

Pic 4 new growth